Company Profile

The founding Directors of Rainstorm WA saw an opportunity in 1999 to get involved in the hydromulching business, hence started up Sunhawk Pty Ltd " The Hydromulchers " TAS Rainstorm WA, building upon the experience and expertise of Roy McInnes. In 1999 Rainstorm purchased one of Western Australia's largest hydromulching companies "CSR Sandstill" In 2001 we added the hydromulching interests of "Grass Growers" and "Sands Soil Stabilizing" and in April 2006 purchased "South West Hydromulching", so we now offer a complete and unrivalled service to government, mining and civil contracting industries in Western Australia.



With Sunhawk’s, specialized fleet of hydromulching vehicles we can quickly and efficiently hydromulch large areas. We are equipped to spray a variety of products via high capacity water cannon, fan or boom sprays, hand-held hose and our go anywhere Tonka’s up to 10 hectares a day. Our trucks are either 4WD or 6WD. All vehicles have high capacity agitators operated by experienced personnel.



Our primary customers are civil contractors who have opened up large, sandy areas as subdivisions. Sunhawk can pin down the raw sand with either hydromulch or gluon240 to enable work to commence and to keep the surrounding neighbourhood 'dust-free'. As development nears completion and the blocks are about to go on the market, we are called in to re-apply mulch with green dye, seed and fertilizer added.

Other regular customers of Sunhawk are the large mine sites. Dust can be a mission critical factor which can shut down a mine site if levels are too high. It is also a continual sore point with the surrounding community. This is why an increasing number of mine managers are choosing to have Sunhawk treat all open soil areas before windblown dust arises or to revegetate and rehabilitate mine sites with native seed.

Services provided:

  • Broadacre Sand & Soil Stabilization
  • Stockpiles, Embankments & Tailings Dams
  • Minesite Rehabilitation
  • Paper Mulch
  • Gluon 240
  • With or without Seeds, Fertilizers & Tackifiers
  • With or without Green or Brown Dye